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The story behind

I’m Zoë, the founder of Frolo, and this is my story.

Shortly after my son Billy (who is now 3) had his first birthday, his Dad and I ended our relationship. Needless to say, breakups are tough; but when the relationship is with your child’s other parent, for me, the heartbreak and all the other emotions tied in with it was amplified.

What I was not prepared for was the loneliness and isolation I would feel as I entered into my new life as a single parent. Suddenly, instead of feeling excited about the weekend ahead when Friday came around, I would dread it. I found myself pushing the buggy around

and spending a lot of time alone feeling both sorry for myself and guilty that I wasn’t able to really embrace and enjoy the time with my son, and at the same time I didn’t want to impose on my friends’ ‘family time’  or feel like a burden.

What I longed for was to meet people who were going through similar experiences and could relate to how I was feeling, that I could meet up with and organise play dates, Sunday lunches, and trips away with. I assumed there must be an App or an online community to help me find this, but much to my disappointment, I couldn’t find what I was looking for, and it was at that point, I began to dream up the idea of Frolo.

I knew I wanted to meet other single parents with similar interests living in the area with children the same age as my son. And I wanted to have access to an online and offline community where I could feel cushioned, supported and understood in my single parent experience. I also felt it was time to replace the label ‘single parent’ with something more uplifting, so I came up with the name Frolo, which is derived from ‘Friends’ and ‘Solo’.

The Frolo App is strictly for single parents (Mums AND Dads!) only but it is all inclusive regardless of how you came to be a single parent whether through a relationship breakdown, the death of a partner,

solo parent by choice or if you are a legal guardian.

Since starting the Frolo Instagram page, the Frolo community organically started to come to life – even before the app became available! This shows the need we have to connect with people who understand the unique challenges we face as single parents so that we don’t feel so alone in our experiences. The Frolo community has become a safe place to make friendships, feel supported and empowered, seek advice, share stories and experiences, all without fear of judgement or negativity.

Frolo, for me, in my personal experience as a single parent, has already been life changing - life feels so much fuller and more enriched now because of the frolo community and the new frolo friendships that Billy and I are forming. Now Billy has a Mum who feels empowered, happy, supported and excited for the future. He also gets to see that there are lots of other kids who don’t live with both their parents and they are thriving and happy too. It is so important to me that he – or any other child with single parents - never feels like there is something wrong with his family or that we are from a ‘broken home’.

I am so excited for frolos everywhere to try out the Frolo App and experience firsthand the benefits of having access to other like-minded frolos nearby, and the support and connection to the Frolo community, at your fingertips.

Zoë x

Love your story Zoe, I’m brought up by my mum who inspired me to be like her strong strong and independent and being the best mum! I love the community aspect that you’re building to say actually it’s alright to be a single parent. Good girl 🙌😎🙌

Julia, 26

YES! I second this! I felt so supported & inspired after meeting up with you and other Frolos on Thursday 💓💓💓can’t wait for the dinner 🥰 xxxxx

Stacy, 31

I just want to say a really quick thank you! Just from you posting on the feed about other Frolos closer to me I have started chatting to 2 others and we are planning to have a Frolo meet up! Thank you xx

Jasmine, 35

You really have done a fantastic thing, and the app hasn’t even launched yet 😱
I can’t wait, it’s completely given me hope that I CAN actually have a social life again! So Thankyou for all your hard work creating this up for all of us Frolos ❤️

Mary Jane, 26

Thanks you Zoe for such a truly special evening. What a privilege to sit and listen to all those women’s stories. I loved meeting everyone and look forward to doing it again. Congratulations on building a much needed community.

Laura, 31

Hi Zoe. When I found out about this community my head leapt! The hardest times are when it’s meant to be great… weekends, holidays, Christmas, bank holidays. When my friend put me on to your brilliant idea of an app, I felt a real sense of hope.

Christine, 28

I am so grateful you started Frolo, honestly. Today was my first appointment with the PNMH team and it just helps so much knowing that I’m not alone, and a big part of that is from the community you’ve created. It’s been such a journey so far.

Katy, 29

Awesome community of like-minded single parents that want to look out for each other 😊

Ian, 41

Such a great idea, thank you so much for making it happen. My daughter is 3.5 and whilst being a mum is the best thing I’ve ever done, it can be very lonely being a single parent… so thank you!

Anabella, 33

I am so so excited for this! I’ve felt so isolated being a single parent in a new area and think this is a bloody amazing idea!!

Charlotte, 39

Oh I would love to do this!! I just found your page today through meetingmamas and as a single mum I’m so excited. There is nothing like this out here for us single parents so it’s amazing that we’ll finally have an outlet to bring our community together so thank you 🙌n’t believe there is not more stuff like this for single parents!! Well Done @frolo_app !!

Naomi, 34

I just want to say it once again! I don’t think you realise what you have done by creating such a platform for single parents! I am in the process of recreating my life and I cannot tell you how much hope this app gives me knowing that I have a place to go to to make like-minded friends. Thank you for doing this!

Melissa, 36

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